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Trust in our capabilities to assist you.
We contribute to development of your strategies for categories, suppliers and
procurement function and help to transpose those strategies into tangible results.

We are driven by desire to systematically develop your procurement success.
Drasko Jelavic
CEO, Cirtuo GmbH

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It has all started with recurring questions that our clients kept asking:
Is there any off-the-shelf structured approach for numerous categories and suppliers, as well as for procurement transformation?
How to simplify management of such huge complexity for many strategies, initiatives and outcomes?
How to prove our own value and communicate our own accomplishments?
What is beyond annual contracts, sourcing waves, negotiations and fighting bush fires?

Answering those questions became our mission. We were compelled to find ways to systematically transpose strategies into tangible day-to-day activities that deliver accelerated savings, reduce risks and create value. Product of this mission quest is Cirtuo integrated strategic tool that streamlines collaboration across the procurement process, reduces errors, delivers measurable improvement and is backed up by reliable benchmarks.
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