Drasko Jelavic

CEO & Founder

Drasko Jelavic is the CEO and Founder of Cirtuo. Drasko has played a significant role in the digital transformation of the procurement industry by dedicating thousands of hours to researching and developing Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation™. As a result, Cirtuo’s AI-powered solutions identify hidden savings, mitigate supply risks, and quickly guide category managers through category analysis. Led by Drasko and his team, Cirtuo remains a trusted solution adopted by procurement professionals in 40+ countries worldwide.

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Is procurement about to fall into the rabbit hole again?

In the 1980s, the first strategic frameworks for procurement emerged, pointing out the strategic character of procurement in business. Procurement got more visibility, given its impact on profitability, performance, and supplier relationships.

category management

Category management: wanted dead or alive?

There are mixed feelings about category management in the procurement community. How it is understood and applied today often does not justify the existence of category management. The ultimate goal of category management is to be a true partner to the business and add value. Most Category Managers have never really lived up to that role. Try them!


Procurement challenges in 2023

Many procurement professionals are preparing to face the following significant procurement challenges in 2023. First, there is an obvious notion of change transforming procurement, which I observed while meeting many procurement professionals at DPW and ProcureCon EU last September.

The benefits of sustainable procurement and sustainable sourcing strategy

Sustainable procurement is a very hot topic in the procurement industry at the moment. Organizations, particularly procurement professionals, are under increasing pressure to improve environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance. In addition, big businesses and their stakeholders increasingly expect it from them. Elevating the role of sustainable procurement is crucially important and necessary in responding to these pressures.

does-culture-eat-strategy-for-breakfast-cirtuo-procurement-software Strategy culture

Does culture eat strategy for breakfast?

This quote is often attributed to famed business management consultant Peter Drucker. And it’s especially relevant here because no matter how good your strategic thinking is, it’s a no-go if people don’t care about it.