Lubos Libiak

Service Delivery Executive

Lubos helps CPOs, and their teams, digitize category management. He is an expert in identifying and delivering value beyond savings through the development and creation of impactful, AI-guided category and supplier strategies.

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The end of procurement as we know it

Accenture published an exciting whitepaper in 2021 looking at what the business will need and expect from Procurement, and how is that different from the role Procurement plays today?

Procurement in times of inflation and volatility

The last two years have been nothing short of turbulent, unpredictable, and shocking for most of the population. The COVID pandemic, followed by the war in Ukraine, inflationary pricing, and volatile markets, hasn’t been easy to digest and is felt by everyone around the globe.

High performers v.s others

Procurement performance is always an exciting subject and can spark much controversy regarding value calculation, recognition by Finance teams, etc.

Cirtuo procurement department

Is the procurement department being avoided?

This week I went for a drink with a friend and at some point, the discussion turned to work for a bit. My friend works in sales and marketing (for a very large organization) and he said whenever they need to engage with Procurement, they’re trying to find ways how to avoid working with them.