cirtuo launches new website

Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation™, the procurement software company offering leading industry solutions in category management and supplier management, officially launched a new website.

To give you a bit of a back story, this has been an incredible journey for our company. Several months ago, we got together as a team and asked ourselves, what is Cirtuo, and how do we want to position ourselves online? What is our voice? Do we even have one?

As a company, sometimes these are the most challenging questions to ask. And little did we know about the long road we were about to travel down in trying to answer them. What started with a logo and seven months of very intense research – has resulted in something that we as a company can be so proud of.

We now have a website representing our product, brand, company, and the values Cirtuo holds closest: Credibility, Clarity, and Responsiveness.

The new website showcases some of our excellent work with our clients, such as Novartis and BT Sourced. It gives a platform for users to explore our AI-powered software that automates category strategy creation. We also have a careers section that gives people an idea of what it is like to work at Cirtuo – as our headcount expands globally. There’s also a resources section, as you know – we are fanatical about procurement.

Although we had our soft launch in early June, as a technology company and a company with a strong engineering culture, we had to follow the UX design process of research > define > validate > design > prototype > build > launch > rinse and repeat – several times over. Exhausting, but necessary.

There were highs, lows, and many conflicting opinions over the past few months, but if it is one thing this project has taught us, it is the importance of TEAMWORK.

Cirtuo is proud to have worked on this project together, and we thank our clients for their input.

Towards a cleaner, greener, more resilient procurement future

As more businesses realize the benefits of procurement digitization, there is significant demand for solutions that enable strategic thinking in the supply chain and category management functions. This is even more pertinent worldwide because of geopolitical fractions and the ripple effect caused due to the pandemic.

Research suggests that the procurement industry globally is currently undergoing a period of intense transformation. The global demand for smarter, leaner, more agile procurement organizations has now been realized, and strategy is needed more than ever.

Therefore, the Cirtuo website launch couldn’t be more timely as businesses, and Chief Procurement Officers revisit their strategies moving forward in the post-pandemic era with a keen inclination toward strategic procurement and digitalization.

Cirtuo offers solutions that enable strategic procurement. Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation™ is the solution of choice for SMEs and Fortune 500 companies requiring strategic procurement and automated category management.

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