Procurement Reframed is a procurement transformation guideline developed to help organizations become strategic in procurement. Over years and thousands of workshops with Category Managers, Cirtuo has jointly identified with the client which rules and activities are required to transform procurement into a strategic function. The 15 Golden Rules are meant to guide Procurement Professionals into cross-checking and validate if they are on the right path. Easier said than done; often, some insights are missing. Organizations believe they act strategically, but their behavior is operational and tactical.

The principles were applied in developing Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation™ procurement software. Cirtuo’s solutions are relied on today by Fortune 500 companies and SMEs to transform their procurement capabilities. The guides have helped Cirtuo’s clients to accelerate the development, validation, and execution of category and supplier strategies. The Procurement Reframed philosophy has roots in our history as expert management consultants in the procurement industry. As such, the knowledge, passion, and expertise were applied in developing Cirtuo category management software – delivering a solution that was a pioneer in the automation of category strategy creation.


Why does Cirtuo focus on category management?

Category Management has proven to be the most effective way of dealing with the strategic agenda of procurement – aiming at creating value beyond savings. Leaders in Category Management achieve superior results for the business, improving its competitiveness and success. We believe that embracing the concept of Category Management is a recipe for success, and Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation™ aims to help procurement organizations get on board and achieve excellence over time. 

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Do you remember the last time you took the wrong ramp onto the highway and how it made you feel? Most people instantly know that they took a wrong turn and hope that the next exit is not too far off. Unfortunately, our brain doesn’t experience the same stress when taking the wrong turn in developing category strategies. Category strategies in Procurement are a methodical approach for defining the best way to buy goods or services for their business. Done right, they help companies align business requirements with market realities to leverage market opportunities and mitigate risks. Done wrong, they might lead us down the wrong road.