Navigating the perfect storm using category management

The “Art of Procurement” podcast shares insights on developing powerful Category Management within a large organization. Stephane Morel, a Global Process Owner within Strategic Procurement at Novartis, shares his knowledge on the future business requirements needed for implementing a Category Strategy solution. The interview hosted by Philip Ideson from Art of Procurement is worthwhile listening to!

“We have so many priorities to consider. At the same time, we are navigating through the perfect storm. We have reached a point where we are making a big soup of so many things. I would go back to the drawing board and adjust what I call our essentials. Sometimes, we say we go back to the basics. This is not to say I go back to the basics. I call them the essentials.” —Stephane Morel, Global Process Owner Strategic Procurement – Lean Digital Core program, Novartis


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The internal analysis as the foundation for holistic category strategies

Do you remember the last time you took the wrong ramp onto the highway and how it made you feel? Most people instantly know that they took a wrong turn and hope that the next exit is not too far off. Unfortunately, our brain doesn’t experience the same stress when taking the wrong turn in developing category strategies. Category strategies in Procurement are a methodical approach for defining the best way to buy goods or services for their business. Done right, they help companies align business requirements with market realities to leverage market opportunities and mitigate risks. Done wrong, they might lead us down the wrong road.