Cirtuo has been recognized by Spend Matters in their 2022 “50 to
Watch” List for the third consecutive year

Cirtuo, AI-powered procurement software that pioneered automated category strategy creation, was selected for the 2022 Spend Matters 50 providers to Watch list.

Each year, Spend Matters selects 50 organizations as top up-and-coming solution providers who continue to grow and develop innovative products that propel the market forward.

“Macro forces and shifting competitive dynamics are breathing new life into the procurement technology market — and some providers will ride the new wave better than others. From a volatile economic environment to geopolitical chaos and evolving regulatory frameworks, procurement is overwhelmed with issues it must keep on top of while delivering on its current portfolio of initiatives, said Nick Heinzmann, VP of Research at Spend Matters.

“This year’s lists advance our methodology further, adding new criteria around mindshare in the market, expanding customer reference requirements, and introducing new inclusion criteria to ensure the vendors on these lists are continuously earning the right for a seat at your negotiating table. In a market ripe with consolidation plays, plenty of new startups, and big entrances from established (non-procurement) players, you need a data-based guide on where to focus your attention,” said Heinzmann.

Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation™ is a robust solution for organizations wanting to ramp up their strategic capabilities by benefiting from an AI-augmented structured approach to strategize based on internal demands, market insights/intelligence, and procurement data to develop a portfolio of actions that can be managed in the solution’s engaging UI as initiatives and tracked by users to measure success, ” said Bertrand Maltaverne, Sr. Analyst (Supplier Management and Sourcing) at Spend Matters.



About Cirtuo

Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation™ is an AI-powered software that automates category strategy creation, enabling faster decision-making, leading to greater business impact and value delivery beyond savings. Being a pioneer in digital procurement, Cirtuo’s solutions have been integral for over 5,000 CPOs and category managers in embracing change. Cirtuo’s AI-powered solutions help identify hidden savings, mitigate supply risks, and quickly guide category managers through category analysis to high-quality conclusions. Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation™ has proven itself as a trusted solution adopted by procurement professionals in 40+ countries worldwide.

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