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How does Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation™ facilitate “collaboration” – procurement teamwork, cross-functional, and stakeholder alignment?

Promoting teamwork in procurement, enhancing collaboration across functions, and closely aligning with key stakeholders has never been as crucial as in times of sudden changes and volatility. Thanks to digital AI-empowered solutions like Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation™, achieving effective “collaboration” has never been easier. Imagine a new reality!

  • All data and information, the collective know-how around a category, in one place – on one digital platform.
  • Having everyone involved in category strategy creation aligned along one standard methodology, set of analytical tools, and common language
  • Being able to see the latest version of any category strategy at any point in time – be sure that it is the most recent and complete one
  • Being able to assign specific, clearly defined tasks to team members or outsiders and monitor their input and progress in real-time (including a complete log of all activities and changes made)
  • Allowing less experienced team members to get involved and take over defined tasks, not worrying about inferior results thanks to the guidance and AI support provided by the solution
  • Being able to always trace back from the outcome of the analysis to the exact pieces of input and assumptions having been made – allowing for in-depth review and challenge
  • Imagine not wasting a minute of your time on formatting, copy-pasting, or arranging the content for a report – because all that is automated and happens in split-seconds
  • Being able to align local/ regional/ global category strategies and, eventually, initiatives for implementation in that one solution on that one digital platform – bottom-up as well as top-down, and as easy as drag-and-drop (“Multi-Layer-Strategies”)
  • Engaging with stakeholders on their essential requirements and wants to be based on a transparent methodology, guaranteeing efficient alignment and full transparency

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