Last month I finished shooting the interview for our virtual keynote at DPW titled “Strategy in times of turmoil – The Role of the Procurement CEO” with BT Sourced CEO Cyril Pourrat and  Financial Analyst Susannah Streeter. I was enthusiastic about speaking about the fascinating developments transforming the procurement industry. As you know, procurement is undoubtedly a true passion of mine, and it’s Cirtuo’s mission to accelerate the function to new heights with our AI-powered software. Working with BT Sourced in such a massive digital transformation project has been equally rewarding.

It was intriguing to speak with Cyril, who built the standalone BT Sourced organization from the ground up with a team of procurement experts in Dublin and London.

If you want to learn more about how to run procurement as a CEO and how Cirtuo and technology, in general, will impact procurement in times of unprecedented change at a rapid pace, then take the time to watch the video below.

Thanks to Cyril, Susannah, the team at Cirtuo, the camera crew, and DPW for assisting with the production – the result was fantastic, and I found the experience enjoyable.

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