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How does Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation™ revolutionize the traditional process of category strategy development?

Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation™ redefines the conventional process of category strategy development by eliminating all barriers to entry, allowing everyone to get started immediately, without specific knowledge of methodology or analytical tools. It leads the user through the entire process of creating high-quality category strategies, ensuring that all relevant analyses are done, all critical aspects are taken into account, and sound conclusions will be taken in the end – based on recommendations the solution draws from the embedded expert system (AI). Thanks to the high degree of automation, the process can be completed in a fraction of the time it used to take – weeks instead of months, days instead of weeks, or a basic category strategy being developed in less than an hour. No more time needs to be wasted on Powerpoint and Excel, spent on formatting or creating reports – allowing the user to focus on the quality and accuracy of the input purely.

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