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How is “External Market Intelligence” integrated into Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation™?

Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation™ comes with an integrated interface to two of the leading external Market Intelligence (MI) providers in the procurement arena – Beroe and The Smart Cube. Upon client request, we also can establish a technical integration with any other 3rd party MI provider. As a user of Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation™, you will have the opportunity to ask about 150 specific questions along the category strategy creation process – directly out of the tool, with the concrete answers being provided straight back into the tool to the exact spot where they were asked. The response will be immediate in the case of digitally archived information or data. If no digital answer is available, SMEs and AI will initiate the research to develop it – typically within a few business days.
 Connecting with an external MI provider is an option for Cirtuo clients. The commercial terms and scope of collaboration are subject to an agreement between the client and the MI provider outside Cirtuo’s influence.

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