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What are the tested and proven approaches to successfully implementing Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation™?

Every implementation of a new tool or process becomes a Change Management challenge. How much of a challenge depends on company-specific aspects, but the nature of it is always the same – requiring some effort and organizational setup to plan and execute.
 PMO (Project/Program Management Office) and Change Management skills will be needed, and the critical question is: Do you have those competencies and resources available to orchestrate the implementation process? 
If yes, great! You can and will do it on your own.
If not, how much of it can you cover with your resources, how much external support will you need – and for how long? 
Cirtuo has built a network of consulting partners and can recommend trusted, certified implementation partners (classical management consulting firms) to provide two options of implementation support:
1) Full Implementation Support: A combination of training, coaching, Q&A, and subject matter PMO with strong Executive Management sponsoring – geared towards 100% user adoption
2) Partial Implementation Support: A combination of training and subject matter PMO – geared towards 60-80% user adoption.

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