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How does Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation™ coexist or integrate with other procurement software my company might have?

In a strategic sense, Cirtuo software is an end-to-end solution, offering a complete set of features for the digital transformation of procurement in a top-down manner. Most of the solutions currently in the market focus on tactical and operational levels. If your company uses one already, we will propose the best way to coordinate its use with Cirtuo. In some cases, when there is little or no feature overlap, Cirtuo will increase the benefits from other operational software by including them in the context of a more comprehensive, well-thought-through strategy.

If there is a feature overlap to a certain extent, we can help you with a quick cost-benefit analysis. For instance, if your company has a stand-alone or internally developed spend analysis, savings tracking, or risk analysis, in most cases, Cirtuo software will often prove to be better, all-around, and feature-rich for a smaller license price or development cost.

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