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What are the prerequisites to successfully get started with Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation™?

The essential condition, and critical success factor, to make the introduction of Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation™ a success is a commitment from the procurement leadership team. To communicate the importance of this move and to mobilize the organization along clearly defined goals and an ambitious yet realistic implementation plan and timeline. Creating positive momentum and excitement at the very start guarantees a successful launch and speedy first tangible results. Make sure the colleagues you count on working with Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation™ are motivated and prepared to set aside the required time to get on board the Cirtuo speed boat and switch from the old manual process to the new digital one.

Technology-wise, there is nothing special needed worth mentioning. 
Data-wise, a reasonable level of completeness and accuracy for the prioritized categories is necessary to ensure that reality is reflected correctly in the primary data of the class. Perfection is neither realistic nor required. “Good enough” data is what is needed to get started with strategy creation.

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