Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation™ category management software enables the efficient development, validation, and implementation of a category strategy and management. Reduce your costs, mitigate risks and increase value.

AI-powered category management software

Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation is AI-powered category management software that automates category strategy creation. Cirtuo software helps category managers create strategies faster by expertly guiding them through the process. Our strategic category management software allows teams to implement their initiatives more quickly – delivering organization-wide results that drive value beyond procurement. 

Cirtuo's expert AI system for developing holistic category strategies

Category management
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You can easily develop your unique strategies with new insights from the analysis. Benefit from AI-powered procurement software that intuitively recommends the best category strategy to reduce costs, increase value and mitigate risks.
Category Management

Kraljic matrix

Kraljic Matrix is a proven procurement analysis to determine a spend category’s strategic positioning. The category position on the matrix is automatically generated, and it is based on the buyer vs. supplier power ratio and the spend amount for the category. An overview of single or several categories’ positions in the matrix is available. Historical development of the Kraljic matrix for single or several categories is supported through Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation™.

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Spend analysis for categories

Cirtuo procurement software helps you take the first step in asking the right questions because reliable category strategies can only be built with facts. Then, to see the bigger picture, you can collect your procurement data in one place while guided by best-practice tools that will future-proof your procurement.

Category Management categories

Hedging tracking for commodities

Access a database of commodities data with indicators that include historical data. Additional commodities can also be added. Features include currency conversion for price curves, technical analysis (moving average, RSI, MACD, and more.

Hedging tracking for commodities category management

Supplier rating evaluation

Determine Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your procurement functions (e.g., number of POs, spend volume, number of suppliers, PO value per employee).KPIs can be tracked and customized for different periods – weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

Supplier management

Discover Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation™

Everything you need for strategic procurement in a digital format. Cirtuo software is powered with features that address the most important challenges in procurement.

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Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation™ helps you take control and strategically manage your suppliers to increase their performance, improve relationships, mitigate supply risks and drive collaboration.

This is precisely what our supplier management software delivers – helping you get to the heart of strategic procurement.

No matter what phase of procurement transformation you’re in, Cirtuo procurement development software helps you reach your goals faster.

Enable advanced analysis of procurement organizations, accelerate strategy creation, track initiative management, and find new ways to realize results. 

Take full control over procurement’s core

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