Procurement development software

Cirtuo’s Procurement Development software helps you understand the missions and goals of your procurement stakeholders and help them to achieve internal targets.

Procurement assessment

Building dialogue with internal stakeholders and bringing procurement to the business’s core starts by asking the right questions. Cirtuo’s procurement Assessment Survey helps develop your procurement department and align it with your organization’s strategy. 

Procurement Assesment Management

Procurement KPIs

Gain insights into your procurement Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and track historical results over monthly, quarterly, and yearly timelines. Cirtuo’s procurement KPIs are entirely customizable to your organization’s requirements. 

Procurement KPI

Strategic footprint procurement function

Develop strategic insights that strengthen your risk management methods, such as risk identification, risk assessment, and risk mitigation functions. The most often used risks for categories and suppliers in procurement are included, and assessments can be tracked historically and supported by strategies and initiatives that mitigate these risks.

Procurement Software

Other Cirtuo software solutions

Everything you need for strategic procurement in a digital format.
Cirtuo software consists of comprehensive modules that address the most important challenges in procurement.

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Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation™ is procurement software that enables you to develop a fresh perspective on all key categories, capture available savings, and helps you keep an eye on possible risks.

This is precisely what our procurement software solution delivers – helping you get to the heart of strategic procurement.

No matter what phase of procurement transformation you’re in, Cirtuo procurement development module helps you reach your goals faster.

Enable next-level analysis of procurement organizations, accelerate category strategy creation, track initiative management, and find new ways to realize results. 

Take full control over procurement’s core

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