Supplier management software that helps you take control and strategically manage your suppliers to increase their performance, improve relationships, mitigate supply risks and drive collaboration.

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Supplier management software solutions

Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation helps category managers in supplier management by quickly identifying new supply chain opportunities. Nurture lasting partnerships with key suppliers, encourage collaborative innovation, and systematically track potential risks that maximize supplier relationship value. Supported by AI-based strategies, Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation recommends the best possible strategic options that fast-track your organization’s supplier management goals.

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Supplier management spend analysis

Cirtuo procurement software gives you pre-defined proven templates populated with spend data upload. The spend is organized and visualized by supplier organizations, categories, and locations. The spend analysis also provides insights into spending relations between categories, suppliers, and locations.

Supplier management
Supplier management

Supplier management spend overview

Organize your suppliers and take control over every element. Each element in the spend overview supply tree can be repositioned, quickly helping you determine and organize your positions. 

Risk overview for supplier management

Develop strategic insights that strengthen your risk management methods for suppliers. Leverage risk identification, risk assessment, and risk mitigation for suppliers. The most often used risks for categories and suppliers in procurement are included, and assessments can be tracked historically and supported by strategies and initiatives that mitigate these risks.

Supplier management

Financial analysis for suppliers

Determine Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your procurement functions (e.g., number of POs, spend volume, number of suppliers, PO value per employee).KPIs can be tracked and customized for different periods – weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly.
Supplier management

Supplier management rating evaluation

Run regular supplier performance assessments with your organization’s key internal stakeholders.  Each evaluation can be linked to flexible multi-set criteria that benefit from historical tracking of survey results.  The results overview also shows combined ratings for multiple suppliers, categories, locations, and time periods. 

Supplier management

Supplier management preferencing

Cirtuo supplier preferencing delivers insights to help procurement better understand what is important to suppliers.  The analysis determines the attractiveness of the customer to the supplier against the relative value of the customer account. Historical development of supplier preferencing for single or several suppliers is supported through Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation.

Supplier management
Supplier management

Supplier classification

Strengthen business relationships with your suppliers by keeping your procurement stakeholders engaged. Develop strategies that lever on commodity price changes in collaboration with your suppliers and keep a closer eye on the market for possible suppliers to achieve competitive prices. Cirtuo also helps you investigate supplier inventory management, classify your suppliers, and more.

Other Cirtuo software solutions

Everything you need for strategic procurement in a digital format. Cirtuo software consists of comprehensive modules that address the most important challenges in procurement
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Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation™ is category management software that enables you to develop a fresh perspective on all key categories, capture available savings, and help you keep an eye on possible risks.

This is precisely what our procurement software solution delivers – helping you get to the heart of strategic procurement.

Procurement development software

No matter what phase of procurement transformation you’re in, Cirtuo procurement development software helps you reach your goals faster.

Enable advanced analysis of procurement organizations, accelerate strategy creation, track initiative management, and find new ways to realize results. 

Take full control over procurement’s core

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