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What do you mean by “Everyone can start immediately.”?

Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation™ tears down all barriers to entry in the traditionally manual strategy development process. While knowledge of methodology and analytical tools is always advantageous, it no longer is a prerequisite to creating category strategies. Less experienced users will be guided through the process in the correct logical sequence of steps and can purely focus on transferring their knowledge of the category, in the specific context of their company, and regards to the relevant supply market, to the tool-feeding the algorithm of the embedded expert system (AI). Based on the description of the specific category situation, Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation™ provides a set of empirically proven effective “Strategic Options” (levers) with a corresponding set of “Strategic Objectives,” which are directly carried over to setting up “Initiatives” for strategy implementation. Quality is built in, and taking a wrong exit along the way will no longer happen. Users will improve their knowledge of methodology and analytical tools over time – effectively making consulting/ training in the area of Category Management obsolete.

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