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Too often, category strategies end up in drawers. They don’t get implemented, or struggle with low adoption. Reasons range from low stakeholder involvement or buy-in to limited practical applicability under given market conditions or simply botched implementations. With disjointed project planning, task management, and value-tracking activities, bringing the carefully created strategy to life is not a given. In the end, a strategy not implemented is a wasted strategy.
In the webinar “Winning over stakeholders: Achieving strategic business alignment in Procurement”, Michael DeWitt, VP Indirect Spend Management & Center of Excellence at Walmart International, Sam de Frates, VP Procurement EMEAA at Mars, and Drasko Jelavic, CEO of Cirtuo, discussed with Fabian Lampe, Founder of Advance Procurement, the importance of engaging stakeholders, aligning Procurement with their objectives, and translating the objectives into actionable category, supplier, and negotiation strategies.