Are you looking to stay ahead of the curve in Procurement? Then you won’t want to miss Procurecon EU, taking place in Barcelona from September 27-29. This event is one of the biggest conferences dedicated to Procurement, attracting top professionals worldwide. And Cirtuo will be there, at Booth #12. Come by and say hello, and learn about our cutting-edge software solutions that can help streamline your Procurement process. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and give you a demo of our products. We hope to see you there!

Meet Cirtuo at Booth #12 during ProcureCon EU

The not to be missed “From myth to reality: cracking the code on category strategy automation” masterclass will take place at Procurecon in Barcelona.

In our ever-dynamic world, driven by supply chain disruptions, inflationary pressures, and continuing external shocks, procurement is vital for keeping the global economy running. More than ever, procurement needs to ensure business continuity and is critical to the viability of a modern enterprise. Procurement leaders are challenged to redefine their role as a support function that manages tactical and operational tasks. There is an urgent need for procurement to rise further and deliver value beyond savings.

The question is: How will Procurement evolve to cater to a changing business landscape if organizations that historically struggled cannot integrate strategy into the function?

Participate in the category strategy automation masterclass

Join us in the “From Myth to Reality: Cracking the Code on Category Strategy Automation” session and learn how the latest machine learning technologies encode human expertise and derive decision-making rules by rapidly analyzing thousands of category strategies.

Cirtuo’s masterclass will facilitate procurement vision at all levels by elaborating how automation empowers category managers to spend more time strategizing and collaborating with stakeholders, helping them efficiently address business requirements and key market challenges.

Join procurement leader and Cirtuo Chief Executive Officer Drasko Jelavic, who combines over 15+ years in developing procurement strategies across different industries. In this exclusive presentation and workshop, Drasko will explain why, what, and how it’s possible and necessary to automate category strategies.

Breakthrough insights will be provided during the session with plenty of time for debate and thought-provoking dialogue amongst masterclass attendees. We encourage you to save the date in your calendar and welcome all procurement professionals to participate.


Masterclass details

What: Masterclass: “From myth to reality: cracking the code on category strategy automation”

When: Day 1: 27th September 2022

Location: Hyatt Regency Barcelona

Time: 14:35-15:35


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