Cirtuo Digital Procurement Innovation Showcase

Cirtuo at the 2022 ProcureTech Digital Procurement Innovation Showcase:

Cirtuo is looking forward to participating in ProcureTech’s Digital Procurement Innovation Showcase in collaboration with some of the best names in the business. The event is open to leading companies, innovative digital procurement solutions, and industry leaders.

Cirtuo’s Lubos Libiak will be sharing insights into how Cirtuo and Fidelity Investments worked together during the 7-week Accelerator program as part of our PoC. We’ll also share some of the journey’s initial pain points and challenges, and how we resolved them with the introduction of Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation.

Don’t forget to “Add to Calendar” so you don’t miss out!; you can Register via this link

– Innovation showcase for digital procurement
– 30 June 3pm BST
– FREE Webinar!

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