As far as creativity in procurement strategy is concerned, the sky is the limit.

We have calculated 2,87 x 10^67 possible situations leading to a unique category strategy.

To develop a category strategy, you first need to conduct a profound category analysis. We have identified a set of questions, which Category Managers need to answer to fully understand the challenges and business requirements in their category.

To make the answering of these questions simple, Category Managers can answer them in our tool primarily with “yes/no” or rate them “low/medium/high”. Later you can contextualize the context and add more insight into a category analysis.

There are over 800 possible answers to these 300 questions which are linked with around 100 strategic levers, all leading to a category strategy

The final output is a category strategy written as a short agenda consisting of a few sentences addressing challenges and business requirements – at all organizational levels. Still, the level of possible alterations leading up to it is incredibly valuable for a category manager.

As top skills and proper tools are required to develop a strategy, most procurement organizations fail to identify the right category strategy and mobilize their stakeholders.

Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation (TM) the gold standard for Category Strategy – with integrated Market Intelligence. It is available for you as well to help you ask the right questions and develop the strategy in a matter of minutes!

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