Procurement Leaders’ World Procurement Awards 2023 in London a success for Cirtuo

For 17 years, Procurement Leaders, the largest network and community of CPOs, and their leadership teams have hosted the World Procurement Awards in London. Last week, the 2023 edition celebrated the most impactful procurement teams and their achievements. One of the 15 awards is dedicated to procurement software providers because procurement excellence can only be achieved with digital enablement.

The Procurement Technology Provider Award honors the most impactful solution that addresses a real challenge and demonstrates a significant return on investment for procurement functions. This year, Cirtuo was named “Highly commended’ for the Procurement Technology Provider Award 2023.

For over a decade, Cirtuo has been at the forefront of digitizing Category Management, providing procurement professionals with the tools they need to streamline the development, validation, and execution of their category strategies. At Cirtuo, we believe that technology can significantly improve the procurement process and that it’s essential to the success of any organization.

Procurement professionals today face ever-increasing disruptions and complexity, making developing and executing robust procurement strategies more important than ever. Identifying the right business challenges, requirements and mobilizing stakeholders has never been more critical.

Annalisa Russell de Clifford, Commercial Director of Procurement Leaders and myself at the event in London. 

Our highly dedicated team works tirelessly to help clients navigate complex procurement landscapes and drive value for their organizations. We have conducted thousands of workshops and undergone four software iterations to provide them with the only solution that guides its users through an interview-style process to creating state-of-the-art category strategies. We, therefore, take immense pride in being recognized for playing a significant role in making procurement and category strategies more relevant to their businesses.

We cannot overstate how much we appreciate the support of our clients, the entire Cirtuo team, and our business partners. Without them, none of this would have been possible. Our commitment to building strong relationships with our clients and partners keeps us committed to providing innovative category management solutions to help them reach their procurement goals.

In conclusion, we are proud of our progress in the past decade, but we know much work still needs to be done. Hence, being named ‘Highly Commended” for the Procurement Technology Provider Award at the World Procurement Awards 2023 is an honor and a great motivation to continue our journey of pioneering the digitalization of Category Management and Strategic Procurement. Many thanks to the panel of judges and committee for choosing Cirtuo – we appreciate it.

Are you interested in the future of Category Management?

There has been a lot of talk about Category Management being dead lately. We believe quite the opposite is true! Category Management is alive and kicking and remains a key value driver at the core of Procurement. But we must change our approach to increase its relevance to the business.

In this webinar, Drasko Jelavic, CEO & Founder of Cirtuo, will explain how aligning Procurement with business strategies using the Strategy Alignment Matrix enables Procurement to claim its seat at the table and deliver unprecedented value along category, supplier, and negotiation strategies.

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Drasko Jelavic, CEO of Cirtuo, drilled even deeper into the misalignment of Procurement with the business as the root cause for not getting the proverbial seat at the table. In his keynote “The digital revolution in Category Management: building strategies that elevate procurement to the C-level”, he laid out his framework for embedding business objectives throughout Procurement.

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