View a live demo of our next-generation leading solution – Guided Strategy Creation Pro

Cirtuo is looking forward to this year’s edition of CPOnet! The conference will take place on November 22 at the Novotel Center Madrid and will bring together leaders from the procurement community to exchange and discuss their top priorities: from procurement’s digital revolution and AI, supply chain disruptions, to the strength of human talent – CPOnet in Madrid addresses the topics most relevant to CPOs in Spain.

At CPOnet, Cirtuo will present the next generation of our leading solution – Guided Strategy Creation Pro (GSC Pro). GSC Pro boldly pushes the limits of what’s possible in automation, content enrichment, collaboration, AI enablement, strategy governance, and UX/UI to help companies unlock the hidden value in Category Management.

See you at the live demo session at 13:30 in Room 4!

Attendees visiting our booth will be greeted by senior Cirtuo procurement experts Didier Bonnefon (Client Success Manager) and Stephan Horvath (Sales Executive).

“Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation™ Pro is not just a tool or a new version; it’s a revolution in category strategy creation,” says Drasko Jelavic, Cirtuo’s CEO and Founder. “We helped category managers build solid category strategies for years, but GSC Pro is tailored to assist professionals in making holistic decisions that reflect the complexity of the business environment we operate in today while ensuring alignment with organizational goals.”

“The clear structure and guided interview-style approach to capturing relevant information in GSC Pro support the category strategy process end-to-end. It enables more discipline, better governance and increased efficiency to develop, validate and execute a category strategy.” he said.”

Discover Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation Pro at CPOnet 2023 – join us at Booth 24

To learn more about how Cirtuo is helping organizations embrace the future of Category Management or attend the live demo session at 13:30 in Room #4. Please join us at Booth #24 for a more focused discussion or book a catch-up by using the form below:

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