Cirtuo and Digital Procurement World (DPW 2023)


Cirtuo and DPW 2023 meet again for the world’s most influential tech event for the procurement and supply chain industry. The DPW 2023 conference will take place in Amsterdam on October 11-12 and bring together the global procurement community to exchange perspectives on the future of procurement and supply chain.

The theme of this year’s DPW conference is “Make Tech Work,” it will focus on turning big ideas into concrete technologies and actionable solutions that can improve procurement and supply chains. And with that, DPW Amsterdam aims to help Procurement progress practically and purposefully by combining brilliant minds, deep industry knowledge, success stories, and the best new technologies. With this mix, Procurement can gain its seat at the table.

In its fourth year, DPW will bring together 5,000 attendees, 80 speakers, and 90 exhibiting startups from over 80 countries worldwide.

Discover Cirtuo Category Management Software at DPW 2023

Attendees visiting our booth will be greeted by a wide range of Cirtuo procurement experts, including:

  • Drasko Jelavic, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Cirtuo
  • Frank Thewihsen, Chief Revenue Officer
  • Luka Fresl, Chief Product Officer
  • Andrew Speck, Vice President U.S
  • Lubos Libiak, Sales Executive
  • Didier Bonnefon, Customer Success Manager
  • Stephan Horvath, Sales Executive

“We live in a time of increased complexity that presents an exciting opportunity for procurement professionals to elevate their organizations and deliver enhanced value. With the associated cognitive load being substantial, the responsibility and performance expectations in Procurement have never been greater. It is, therefore, vital to provide Procurement with the technology and frameworks to make this complexity manageable,” said Drasko Jelavic, CEO and founder of Cirtuo.

“In our future vision, procurement professionals become strategic advisors that leverage Category Management technology, data, and insights to drive innovation and create value for their organizations. “The question is how to transition from sourcing-minded Procurement or a procurement-centric attitude to where you have to work with the stakeholders and identify and align all the business requirements. Because this is what defines your category strategy and any other strategies in Procurement,” he said.

To learn more about how Cirtuo is helping organizations embrace the future of Category Management, schedule a catch-up with the team at DPW 2023 using the form below.

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