Data insights Drowning

“We’re drowning in data yet starving for insights.” I am not sure who came up with that one, but it really hits the nail on the head in our information age.

Data-driven decision-making is one of the hottest topics we hear in Procurement lately. Hand-in-hand with digitization, it caters to the dilemma many procurement organizations and category managers face today: So much data – then so what?

When it comes to category management and category strategy creation, distilling the most relevant information from an ocean of data is a real challenge. “It’s paralyzing me!” that’s what I recently heard from an experienced Category Manager. Imagine how it feels for the juniors among us!

Technology comes to the rescue, again. Imagine a solution that guides you through the entire process, provides empirically proven recommendations, helps you stay focused on what really matters, and offers seamless integration with the most advanced provider of digital market intelligence (Beroe Inc) – with relevant insights and benchmarks at your fingertips in split-seconds, or even pre-populated in your digital tool!

Sounds too good to be true? Well, you may be up for a surprise. It’s in the hands of leading procurement organizations around the globe already. Check out Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation procurement software! And let’s stop drowning!

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