The world of global trade is rapidly changing, and globally disrupted supply chains have created a demand for leadership that goes far beyond the boardroom. Moving away from traditional earnings reports and infinite loop roundtable discussions, the digital, increasingly agile organization relies on leadership with long-term and strategic outlooks.

Following COVID-19, geopolitical shocks are now being felt around the world. In today’s economy, entire industries depend on the agility and strategy employed by CPOs in protecting their organizations from potentially fatal setbacks and enabling them to continue to operate efficiently. As such, the necessities for business continuity are evolving and with that, the role of executive leaders.

Strategy in times of turmoil – the role of the procurement CEO

At Digital Procurement World (DPW) 2022, Drasko Jelavic, CEO & Founder of Cirtuo, Cyril Pourrat, CEO & CPO at BT Sourced – are going to bring this important topic to the table via live stream.

The session will combine a conversation on the importance of strategies in a macro-economic environment beset by change, with a discussion on how successful CPOs are interpreting the role in terms of more traditional CEO remits.

DPW 2022: Event details

What: Panel Discussion

When: 4:20 PM – 4:45 PM – Wednesday 21st of September

Location: Live Stream online via DPW

Speakers: Drasko Jelavic, CEO & Founder of Cirtuo and Cyril Pourrat, CEO & CPO at BT Sourced

Topic: Strategy in times of turmoil – the role of the procurement CEO

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