DPW 2022

is just a few days away, and the team and Cirtuo is looking forward to meeting all the practitioners, pioneers, and people interested in the latest development in the Digital Procurement space. We have been looking forward to attending DPW for quite a while since the pandemic made in-person events difficult. 

Cirtuo employees from around the world are flying into Amsterdam for two days of internal meetings in the Dutch capital before heading to the event on September 21-22. We’re looking forward to finally seeing you all again and talking about how our  solution enables the strategic transformation of your Procurement organization. 

We’re looking forward to spending some time in Amsterdam with like-minded people and can’t wait to meet in person! Suppose you can’t make it to Amsterdam and would still like to get some action. In that case, register here to watch the live stream event with Drasko Jelavic, and BT Sourced Founder and CEO Cyril Pourrat will participate in the panel discussion “Strategy in times of turmoil – the role of the procurement CEO.” 

The session, moderated by Susannah Streeter, will combine a conversation on the importance of strategies in a macroeconomic environment beset by change with a discussion on how successfully CPOs interpret the role in terms of more traditional CEO remits.

Let’s discuss agility, collaboration, integration, and artificial intelligence in procurement

What hottest topics would you want to explore with solution providers at the 2022 DPW event (Sep 21+22)? From what we know, the key topics are agility, collaboration, integration, AI, and sustainability (in particular SC-transparency) will be the predominant topics. That’s a pretty interesting great Top-5! Let’s bring these exciting topics to the table and discover how they can deliver solid benefits in your organization’s digital transformation process.

Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation™ (automating and digitizing strategic category management) actually covers 4,5 of these topics already, while we are full-steam working on the remaining. Worth a closer look.

We look forward to seeing you at booth #21

Explore Cirtuo procurement software at DPW

Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation™ is procurement software that enables you to develop a fresh perspective on all key categories, capture available savings, and helps you keep an eye on possible risks. This is precisely what our procurement software solution delivers  – helping you get to the heart of strategic procurement. Everything you need for analyzing your categories is here: Spend Analysis, Stakeholder Mapping, Cost Drivers, Risk Management, Kraljic Matrix, Five Forces and that’s just to name a few. After you’ve skimmed all the data from categories, employ a strategy with our very own Strategic Framework for Categories and discover your winning levers.

To know your categories is to know your business.

See you at DPW 2022!

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