Press release - 21 July 2022

Amsterdam, Netherlands, July 21, 2022: Cirtuo is pleased to announce that Cyril Pourrat, CEO of BT Sourced, and Drasko Jelavic, CEO of Cirtuo will participate in a live stream discussion to the audience leaders at DPW 2022, in Amsterdam at 3:50pm on Wednesday 21st of September.

Cyril serves as BT Sourced’s Chief Procurement Officer and founded BTA Sourced – BT’s Standalone procurement company, drawing on the best technology and people to speed up and simplify how BT manages its third party spend worldwide. Cyril created the Digital Garage, rapidly digitizing BT’s procurement organization to implement best-of-breed technologies. Before joining BT, Cyril held several executive leadership roles in the telecom industry.

Drasko Jelavic is the CEO and Founder of Cirtuo. Drasko has played a significant role in the digital transformation of the procurement industry by dedicating thousands of hours to researching and developing Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation™. As a result, Cirtuo’s AI-powered solutions identify hidden savings, mitigate supply risks, and quickly guide category managers through category analysis. Led by Drasko and the team, Cirtuo remains a trusted solution adopted by procurement professionals in 40+ countries worldwide.

The world of global trade is rapidly changing, and globally disrupted supply chains have created a demand for leadership that goes far beyond the boardroom. Moving away from traditional earnings reports and infinite loop roundtable discussions, the digital, increasingly agile organization relies on leadership with long-term and strategic outlooks.

Following COVID-19, geopolitical shocks are now being felt around the world. In today’s economy, entire industries depend on the agility and strategy employed by CPOs in protecting their organizations from potentially fatal setbacks and enabling them to continue to operate efficiently. As such, the necessities for business continuity are evolving and with that, the role of executive leaders.

Strategy in times of turmoil – the role of the procurement CEO

At Digital Procurement World (DPW) 2022, Drasko Jelavic, CEO & Founder of Cirtuo, Cyril Pourrat, CEO & CPO at BT Sourced – are going to bring this important topic to the table via live stream.

The session will combine a conversation on the importance of strategies in a macro-economic environment beset by change, with a discussion on how successful CPOs are interpreting the role in terms of more traditional CEO remits.

The discussion will be moderated by well-known moderator, broadcaster and financial commentator – Susannah Streeter. She has delivered presentations and workshops world-wide, and broadcasted to millions during her tenure at BBC, where she worked as an Anchor, presenter, and correspondent.

DPW 2022: Event details

What: Panel Discussion

When: 4:20 PM – 4:45 PM – Wednesday 21st of September

Location: Live Stream online via DPW

Speakers: Drasko Jelavic, CEO & Founder of Cirtuo and Cyril Pourrat, CEO & CPO at BT Sourced

Topic: Strategy in times of turmoil – the role of the procurement CEO

About Cirtuo

Cirtuo is world-class software that has been developed to transform the procurement function into a strategic champion that is conscious of all the potential at its fingertips. Being a pioneer in digital procurement, Cirtuo’s solutions have been integral for over 5.000 CPOs and category managers in embracing change. Our team has invested +100,000 hours of research and development dedicated to helping Fortune 500 companies and SMEs unlock their procurement potential. As a result, Cirtuo’s AI-driven software sets the standard in automated category strategy creation, leading to faster decision making, greater business impact, and value delivery.

About BT Sourced

BT Sourced is a new, standalone procurement company within the BT Group, established to challenge the traditional ways of buying goods and services by simplifying processes and introducing new technology and partnership-based approaches to the way BT works with suppliers and start-ups.Based in Dublin, which has established itself as a hub for many ‘Big Tech’ businesses as well as technology start-ups, the company will manage and influence a budget of around €14.8bn (£13bn), and draw on the capital’s diverse and tech-savvy talent pool as it builds its presence in the Republic of Ireland.

About DPW

DPW started off in2018, when Founder Matthias Gutzmann was researching procurement conferences to showcase his then-employer, a startup. He was frustrated by the options. The existing conferences were prohibitively expensive for a limited startup budget, lacked investors, and failed to attract an audience of startup businesses, which is critical for procurement to transform digitally and drive innovation.

Identifying this gap in the market, he left his job in New York, moved into his parents’ house in Germany, and invested his entire personal savings to launch DPW. In September 2019, DPW’s launch conference boasted a record-breaking attendance of over 400 industry leaders from 33 countries and was dubbed “the best new procurement event in years”. The most influential tech ecosystem of the global procurement industry, DPW is built to bring emerging technologies into procurement and a driving force for bringing new ideas, products, and business models into the industry.