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Let’s talk… if you can relate to this PRECARIOUS situation:

Your Business Units are now calling you out,

“Earn this seat at the table by telling me your strategies and actions to deal with this volatility, risk, and disruption?”

Your Suppliers are now demanding,

“We need <fill in the blank>; otherwise, we may prioritize someone else.” 

Your Team Members are now declaring,

“I am getting crushed with all of this tactical/admin work; need to go somewhere I can learn to use my skills at a higher, more strategic level.”


Do you feel these pressures now more than ever from your BIG 3 – Business Units, Suppliers, and your own Team?

If anything, the past couple of years has forced a convergence of these pressure points requiring immediate attention.

These pressure points have fancy names:  the Great Resignation, the Great Reinvention, the War for Talent, the Great Supply Chain Disruption, Sustainability, Geopolitical Unrest…ad nauseam!

It may feel overwhelming because to address each of the BIG 3 successfully, you also have to address the others…they are so intertwined.

For example, to help your Business Units get what they need despite the well-known challenges and yet maintain strong financial stewardship,

  1. You need to have confidence that your team knows how to develop those effective strategies to navigate the ever-present disruptions
  2. You also need to have confidence your team can communicate, justify, and align those strategies with the Business Units
  3. and then finally, execute those strategies with the Suppliers via strong negotiation skills.


Do you have confidence your team has the skillset, let alone the time to do this?


But where to start??

So now let’s talk… if you are interested in TAKING CONTROL of the situation:

  • Start with your Team Members and give them interesting and compelling work (develop category strategies) and train them how to do it (via a digital, AI-assisted platform)
  • Earn your seat at the table with your Business Unit by collaboratively developing a comprehensive strategy packaged in a compelling storyboard developed by a combination of HI + AI (Human and Artificial intelligence).
  • Negotiate and partner better with your Suppliers now armed with a strategy supported by key analysis and aligned with your Business Unit


Only your team with a strategic mindset and capability can help you navigate these pressures.

However, we know that most, if not all, Procurement organizations lack a strong strategic mindset and capability.  This is not because of a lack of desire but because of the “fire-fighting, tactical” mode and extreme focus on just “cost-cutting” that Procurement finds with its Business Units.

But can we agree that the current environment is handing Procurement an opportunity on a silver platter to show its relevance beyond just contracting and cutting costs?


So how do you get your team to seize this opportunity to confidently deliver value?

  • If you agree that strategy is required to help you and your business navigate this current environment more proactively… 
  • If you agree that you need a structured framework on the type of analysis and content that goes into a strategy…
  • If you agree that you need to then train your team on this since everyone will have differing levels of experience and skillset…
  • And if you agree that giving your team, this compelling strategic skillset will help you also win the War for Talent


Then finally, let’s talk…

Cirtuo not only will help your team develop a comprehensive and compelling strategy to deliver value, BUT more importantly, Cirtuo trains and develops your team to be STRATEGIC-minded.

Who wouldn’t stick around to have that kind of work and personal development?

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