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Cirtuo officially launches their new website

Cirtuo Guided Strategy Creation™, the Austria-based procurement software company offering leading industry solutions in category management and supplier management, officially launched a new website.

Procurement talent

The raging battle for procurement talent

The pandemic has significantly impacted most industries and countries. One of the significant consequences has been the lack of procurement talent or labor availability to markets and industries.

Cirtuo Procurement strategy

How strategy contributes to procurement

Recognizing and encouraging strategy as a relevant topic significantly contributes to the procurement profession. Cirtuo has identified some trends in strategic procurement, which will continue to gain pace as the matrix evolves!

Cirtuo welcomes Q2 new hires

Cirtuo is pleased to announce the successful onboarding of our Q2 new hires, John Thong, and Luke Thompson. John and Luke will lead the growth of our EU and US operations by each supporting Cirtuo’s customer success, and digital ambitions.

Is category management misunderstood?

Over the course of thousands of category strategy developments we hear often; “Short term we need to e.g. perform some sourcing, resolve supply chain disruptions, sort out our quality issues. What do we need a strategy for – isn’t that something more mid or long-term?!”

Strategy in times of turmoil – the role of the procurement CEO

The world of global trade is rapidly changing, and globally disrupted supply chains have created a demand for leadership that goes far beyond the boardroom. Moving away from traditional earnings reports and infinite loop roundtable discussions, the digital, increasingly agile organization relies on leadership with long-term and strategic outlooks.

Digital procurement innovation showcase

Cirtuo is pitching in today’s ProcureTech Digital Procurement Innovation Showcase. The event is open to leading companies, innovative digital procurement solutions, and industry leaders. Wear your red and black and join in on supporting Cirtuo!

Cirtuo Digital Procurement Innovation Showcase

ProcureTech’s digital procurement innovation showcase

Cirtuo is looking forward to participating in ProcureTech’s Digital Procurement Innovation Showcase in collaboration with some of the best names in the business. The event is open to leading companies, innovative digital procurement solutions, and industry leaders.

Cirtuo category strategy

Is your organization ready for category strategy?

Are you ready for category strategy? Some procurement organizations tell us they are “not ready or mature” for category management. Why? Because consistent development and implementation of a category strategy is usually missing, and the three main reasons are: